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about us


Trinity Engineering was founded in 1980 by Bruce Omholt. In 1964 he received his BSME while living in San Francisco. Omholt gained considerable design and manufacturing experience during the next sixteen years while working for Repco Engineering, Inc., Ford Motor Company, EF Hauserman Company, and the American Seating Company. Omholt wanted to bring together people with multiple skills—people who were not just cutters or welders, but who were capable of seeing projects as a whole. Thus, Trinity was started in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1980, and moved to Rohnert Park, California, in 1981.

Omholt was the President and CEO of Trinity Engineering until 1998. After retirement, he continued his passion for inventing by researching and developing specialized scuba diving equipment. Over the last eighteen years Trinity has continued to operate with the same dedication and spirit that Omholt began over 35 years ago.

Bruce omholt
Bruce Omholt (founder)

Trinity Engineering Continues to Evolve

The team at Trinity is capable of building anything that can be imagined. We are a single source of design, engineering, and fabrication that is experienced with a cross section of materials and manufacturing processes. The products have changed through the years but our commitment to excellence is timeless.

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Ben and Jerry
Ben & Jerry
Cellar 360
Cellar 360
Vineyard 29
Vineyard 29
La Crema

Early years

In the early years, Trinity was heavily committed to working with store front designs and kiosks. Additionally, Trinity manufactured large runs of displays and showcases for mall chain stores.

Internationally known

From there, Trinity Engineering became known for high end store fixtures for a wide range of cosmetic companies. Examples of this work can be seen coast to coast as well as internationally.

Last decade

Over the last decade we have expanded our expertise into the booming wine industry, restaurants, hospitality industry, office spaces, and luxury residences in the wine country and San Francisco Bay Area.

North bay's top 500 businesses

Throughout our tenure in Sonoma County, Trinity Engineering has been regularly recognized among the North Bays Top 500 businesses.

top 500 businesses

Our Commitment to Sustainability

As a manufacturing company, Trinity Engineering is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint. We currently recycle ninety percent of our production waste stream including wood, plastics, and metal.

Here are a few things we have done:

  • Converted our entire facility to energy efficient lighting, saving an estimated 40,000 kilowatt hours annually.
  • Utilize water-based, low VOC finishes which are proven to out-perform all national and regional VOC requirements and are registered for LEED credits.
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We are interested in hearing about your project! Contact us at
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